Cody Teel, Calgary Stampede riding champion.

The Cinderella Bull Ride of the Calgary Stampede

This year at the Calgary Stampede something amazing happened – a Cinderella Bull Ride…

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World’s Craziest Ski Race Is in … Afghanistan?

When one thinks of Afghanistan, one usually does not think of skiing. There are several…

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Ride the Waves with the Surf King of Hawaii

Everyone on Waikiki Beach knows  the Surf King of Hawaii: “Uncle” Billy Pa. At…

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Finger Pulling, Head Pulling and Kick the Seal: The Craziest Sports in the Arctic Games

When I first heard about the Arctic Winter Games, my head immediately filled…

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Bored? Go Bobsledding – It’ll Put the Hair Back on Your Chest

I spent New Year’s Eve in St. Moritz — which is weird for me….

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Own Private Olympics