Australia’s Mindil Market

Chips, Dips, Chains and Whips at Australia’s Mindil Market

Every Thursday and Sunday evening the world meets at the beaches of Darwin,…

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Forget the Diamonds, In the Far East It’s All About Jade for Christmas!

I’ve never really thought much about jade. Perhaps it’s because in New York…

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Things To Do In Bamako When You’re Bored

One day you may find yourself in Bamako, the capital of Mali. I know…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Egypt RIGHT NOW

The Egyptian economy might be in the dumps and the political situation fairly unstable…

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Brazil: Home Of The Tackiest Souvenirs Ever

The tackiest (read: best) souvenirs in the world are in Brazil. No joke.  [caption id=”attachment_436″…

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Penny The Hedgehog

The Hedgehog Who Survived of the Bamako Death Market

The story of Penny, the hedgehog who survived the scariest dead animal market in…

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Chile: Weird Eats at Santiago’s Mercado Centrale

The Mercado Centrale in Santiago, Chile, has some of the best seafood in the…

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solo female travel

How To Survive High Altitudes

For those of you who climb mountains, or travel to places with thin air -…

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