Paula Froelich

1975 American Women, 2006 You, 2011 The Protester

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

“Paula Froelich is the Worst Person in the World” (twice!)

Keith Olbermann

Paula Froelich is a “straight talking woman from Ohio”

The New York Times

“Paula Froelich knows what she is talking about”

Donald Trump

NATJA award

Whether it’s creating content, building a social following, speaking publicly or telling branded stories across the globe, Paula has been credited with developing an entirely new travel category – from the known to the unknown and inspiring people to, “Be Bold. Be Brave. Reclaim Yourself.” Named one of Folio’s Top Women in Media in 2015, now Editor-at-Large at Yahoo, Paula is developing creative strategy, building partnerships and expanding “A Broad Abroad” across multiple platforms, online and off.

After 10 years as Deputy Editor for Page Six, New York Post’s famed gossip column, Paula was brought on as editor-in-chief, Yahoo Travel to relaunch the company’s travel site. Under Paula’s unique vision and leadership, the travel section developed from a landing page with a booking engine into a must-read destination for anyone interested in being inspired, entertained, and motivated to engage the world.

In four short months, Yahoo Travel became the largest travel content portal in the world, winning awards and consistently ranked #1 in the travel category under her leadership. Paula also oversaw video strategy across travel and launched several shows, including her video series, “A Broad Abroad,” the first female-hosted, travel adventure series of its kind. It averaged over one million views per week. In it, Paula invites viewers to explore the unknown and discover the unexpected in both familiar and exotic locales around the world. Merging storytelling with current culture, Paula’s unique perspective of a woman traveling abroad connects to both men and women in a way no other show has.

A gifted orator, Paula has been a featured speaker at the White House, the New York Times Travel Summit, the Mashable Media Conference, Advertising Week, PhoCusWright, Pure, TBEX, ATMEX, ATWS and more. In 2016 Paula was also hired by Maybelline to star in its Dream Velvet Master Class series.

Paula is originally from Ohio and Kentucky and loves to travel to places where the USD still means something.

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  3. great to come across your stuff on yahoo travel ) great things!

    let there always be a road

    ps – you might want to put Mexico at least in the “Central America” category. North America would be an even better choice.

  4. found you on yahoo and was so interested in how you got to where you are (travel and journaling). Very inspiring, just goes to show that REAL PEOPLE actually have dream jobs! keep it up!


  5. Love your video on yahoo on your visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, but would love to see the whole show on San Juan Puerto Rico. I can only find the 3mins 3second video thru Google search engine. Could you direct me to where I can see the whole segment on your visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    Gracias, Ivy

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  7. I really enjoy your videos. You allow me to experience travel to many places I may not see. I like to travel but can only go so often until I save up for each trip. Wishing you the best.

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