Inside Tokyo’s Disturbing Capsule Hotels

Inside the creepy capsule hotels popping up all over Tokyo. Imagine living in a city…

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The Crazy Owl Cafes of Tokyo: Seriously Nuts

The hot new thing in Japan? The crazy owl cafes in Tokyo where Harry Potter…

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live on antarctica

Sex, Booze and Penguins: Life on Antarctica

Sex, Booze and Darkness: What Life on Antarctica is Really Like. Antarctica is on the…

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solo female travel

World’s Craziest Ski Race Is in … Afghanistan?

When one thinks of Afghanistan, one usually does not think of skiing. There are several…

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Icelanders are the Honey Badgers of Europe

As I’ve already noted, Iceland is a conundrum – especially as Icelanders are the…

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WATCH: The Hunt for the Louisiana Swamp Monsters

According to Cajun legend, deep in the Louisiana Swamp is the Rougarou —…

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Sydney Gets Wild and Weird with Vivid

Raging Out in Sidney Which Got Wild And Weird for Vivid (not the Porn Company)

For two and a half weeks in late spring every year, Sydney takes…

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An Homage to the Shining: It Got Weird during Snowmaggeddon 2015 in Greenland

As anyone living on the East Coast can tell you: This past winter…

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More Fun Facts I Learned While Traversing The World (Part 2)

Proof that I really am a unicorn, as, let’s be…

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