Mongolia’s Nadaam Festival: Genghis Khan’s War Draft

In mid July every year, all over Mongolia, business in the boomtown capital…

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Dinosaur Bone Digging in Mongolia

Exploring the Dinosaur Graveyard in the Jurassic World of Mongolia

Photo by Getty Images. Design by Lauren DeLuca for Yahoo Travel.  Deep in the…

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Mongolia's Capital City

Class War: Filthy Rich v. Dirt Poor in Mongolia

Last year, Mongolia topped many people’s bucket lists, and slowly but surely tourists have…

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Hospitality or Hazing? Surviving a Vodka Fueled Night in Mongolia

When one thinks of hazing, one usually thinks of college fraternities and sororities….

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Going Full Nomad in Mongolia – It Can be Done!

This summer, I fulfilled a lifelong dream: visiting Mongolia. I’d read about Genghis…

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My 2014 Bucket List

  No, I haven’t been everywhere… and some places I don’t go to because I’m…

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