trip to norway

Win a Free Trip to Norway Now!

Those of you who follow me on instagram…

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world in 1888

A Tour of the World in 1888

Travel always brings up nostalgia – especially for places that were untouched by the…

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life-changing trek

Disappearing Japan: Go Now While You Still Can

Japan has a problem. Outside of major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, it has a disappearing…

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calgary stampede

The Calgary Stampede: The World’s Wildest Rodeo

Every July in western Canada a grand spectacle happens known as the greatest outdoor…

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5 Beauty Must Haves on the Road

The Five Beauty Must Haves on the Road to keep you looking as fresh…

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solo lady travel

Solo Travel Safety Tips: The Ultimate List for Women

Traveling in the Age of Terror can be scary – especially if you’re a…

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monarch butterfly migration

Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Migration: Pure Magic

Once a year for four months, the pine and oak forests of the…

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marrakesh at sunset from the rooftop of a Riad.

Traveling in the Age of Terrorism

From the balcony of my in Casablanca, life looks normal. (All Photos: Paula Froelich) I’m…

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solo travel

Solo Travel: Find Your Inner Badass – NOW

I wrote this ode to solo travel on my birthday – but it’s pretty…

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