Inside Hawaii’s Secret Leper Colony

The Leper Colony of Hawaii: Kalaupapa

The island of Molokai is an unspoiled paradise — the last Hawaiian island…

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Ride the Waves with the Surf King of Hawaii

Everyone on Waikiki Beach knows  the Surf King of Hawaii: “Uncle” Billy Pa. At…

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Full Local in Hawaii

Hawaii: How to go Full Local

I’ve always said you will have a better time traveling if you do as…

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Molokai, Hawaii: The Last Unspoiled Paradise in the U.S.

When people visit Hawaii, they usually go to Oahu, Maui, or, for adventure,…

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lava from the hawaiian volcano

Trekking Inside a Hawaiian Volcano

Hawaii is the land of Pele, the volcano goddess. Known for her temper, she…

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giant manta ray

Swimming With Giant Manta Rays in Hawaii

There is almost nothing more terrifying yet magical than being out in the Pacific…

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