tinder travels

Tinder Travels: 10 Cities to Visit Just for the Eye Candy

Tinder Travels: 10 cities that are worth the travel just to ogle the Eye…

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Dubrovnik: The Cheap, Chic Adriatic Escape

Ever longed for the perfect European escape — complete with beaches, cliff diving, ancient…

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trip to norway

Win a Free Trip to Norway Now!

Those of you who follow me on instagram…

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world in 1888

A Tour of the World in 1888

Travel always brings up nostalgia – especially for places that were untouched by the…

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south of france

South of France on the Cheap? Yes you Cannes!

Cannes, in the South of France has been the playground of the rich and…

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solo lady travel

Solo Travel Safety Tips: The Ultimate List for Women

Traveling in the Age of Terror can be scary – especially if you’re a…

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Icelanders are the Honey Badgers of Europe

As I’ve already noted, Iceland is a conundrum – especially as Icelanders are the…

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Laid Over? In Iceland? Get Thee to the Blue Lagoon – STAT!

Layovers are usually pretty rank. Most are only a few hours – too short…

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Thanks to Dracula, Whitby Is the Creepiest Town in England (I Hearts It)

Long a vacation spot for Brits, it has also historically given inspiration to…

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Scarborough, England, is about 200 miles north of London and the perfect place to uncover buried treasure

Hunting for Buried “Treasure” in England

Scarborough, England, is about 200 miles north of London and the perfect place…

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