Dubrovnik: The Cheap, Chic Adriatic Escape

Ever longed for the perfect European escape — complete with beaches, cliff diving, ancient…

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Beach Dinner Party

Weekend Getaway: The Perfect Beach Dinner Party

It’s been a long, hot, sticky summer – and the perfect antidote? A weekend…

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Best Beach Reads July

The Best Beach Reads for July, 2016

Summer is officially upon us and here’s hoping you’re going to actually use your…

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Ride the Waves with the Surf King of Hawaii

Everyone on Waikiki Beach knows  the Surf King of Hawaii: “Uncle” Billy Pa. At…

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Full Local in Hawaii

Hawaii: How to go Full Local

I’ve always said you will have a better time traveling if you do as…

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giant manta ray

Swimming With Giant Manta Rays in Hawaii

There is almost nothing more terrifying yet magical than being out in the Pacific…

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Former Miami Correctional Institute Residents Make the Best Guides In Colombia

Former Miami Correctional Institute inmate number 26623-069 was convicted in 2000 for narco-trafficking when…

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