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I’ve been traveling the world – mostly by myself or with small groups – for a while now and on these trips I started noticing something: I was not alone. As in, the majority of other travelers on the road in the off beat places I’d go to, were women traveling solo. Not all of them were single, some were married or dating, but they all wanted the experience for themselves.  But when I’d come back Stateside, none of the media or advertising were matching my experiences – in fact, not only was all programming definitely aimed at men, but when I talked with media and ad execs, they always said they wanted the male demo because that was where the money/audience was. I thought that smelled fishy. So I did some research of my own. Turns out I was right. Behold: my research!



(And  from my pal Jo Piazza’s site for her awesome book, Love Rehab – MORE awesome stats).

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  1. This is insane! Even when people are writing about solo female travel, it’s usually geared towards young twenty-somethings with “helpful” tips like “stay in a hostel to make friends!” Or “break free of your fears” and other meaningless advice. I would love to see more articles geared towards the slightly older solo female traveler– who prefers hotels to hostels but still wants to make connections with locals when they travel (especially to the “yum” guys you featured in your other post!) And “girlfriend getaways” that don’t involve bubble baths and mani/pedis (which are way cheaper at home anyway).

  2. Kristin – thats me! And thats why I pulled the stats – because what I saw in real life wasn’t reflecting what the media was showing me… keep reading the blog posts I do and let me know what you think…

  3. i don’t give a damn about “what is written on women traveling solo around the globe” because I am one… i get all the news first hand and without the “Disneyland syrup” of American news and advertising ))

  4. I am over 40, recently divorced, and waiting for no man (or woman for that matter) to join me in travel. I enjoy having a fun traveling companion, but I won’t delay or forego a trip waiting for someone to join me. I’ve scheduled my first solo trip — to Spain in early October. I’m a little apprehensive, but also excited to get out there!

  5. your stats are mind blowing! They seem to run contrary to common belief or what I would call socially accepted norms. I have been a solo for quite sometime 🙂 Endured a divorce and now like Stefanie, it is time to fly the coop and venture the globe. It is just too much fun learning new cultures off the beaten path but then again I am a Man so what’s that matter. I enjoyed it and am starting the traveling engines up again 🙂 As for all this internet stuff, seems very confusing so I will just stick with living a fun traveling life, after all why get stuck behind a computer when there is 53% of the worlds woman out there somewhere walking aimlessly around searching for the perfect travel partner = ME :). Imagine I walk by and wave 🙂 Solo seems wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 🙂 No Anchors!!!

  6. Thanks for this. I love the research outcomes. I am in that category. Over 40, divorced, single, still traveling. First traveled solo on a Europe trip when I was the tender age of 19. Was married for my 30s and started solo travel again in my forties post-divorce. Walked for 40 days solo on a pilgrimage route in Italy. Just finished my manuscript about it. I would love to connect with women in a similar situation. Just looking at the other comments here makes me want to connect. What are your websites gals? Mine is
    Rock on all of you!

  7. thanks Chandi! I got a few of them – check out Sherry ott, wanderlust & Lipstick and solotraveler. and if you want to travel w serious badass ladies, check out WANT expeditions, Jessica Posciak…

  8. Thanks Paula! I had an article published by Wanderlust & Lipstick. They’re great. Solo Traveler, I was disappointed by. I emailed them a query, outlining some ideas about articles I could contribute to their site and I did not hear back. So I wrote a follow up and still I didn’t hear back. 🙁
    I will check out WANT. I’m not looking for group trips to join, as I do like traveling solo, and/or living abroad which I’ve done a lot of. I was referring more to the idea of connecting via Facebook, websites, instagram with the women who commented on your post, as they seemed particularly like-minded to me….

  9. Long married and trying to work my courage up to
    do some solo travel on what would be a small
    budget. My middle son tells me it would be good
    for me. I freeze and don’t even know where or how
    to start.

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