rhino wars

Journalist Who Covered South Africa’s Rhino Wars Killed

A journalist (and friend) who spent six harrowing months following, interviewing and filming rhino…

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Cody Teel, Calgary Stampede riding champion.

The Cinderella Bull Ride of the Calgary Stampede

This year at the Calgary Stampede something amazing happened – a Cinderella Bull Ride…

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solo female travel

World’s Craziest Ski Race Is in … Afghanistan?

When one thinks of Afghanistan, one usually does not think of skiing. There are several…

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Iceland: Closer and Cheaper than L.A., Way More Magical

Iceland is a magical place – and it just happens to be closer and…

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Bamiyan City

Bamiyan, Afghanistan: The Silk Road City Open for Business

One of the coolest things about travel is wandering into a place that time…

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Hospitality or Hazing? Surviving a Vodka Fueled Night in Mongolia

When one thinks of hazing, one usually thinks of college fraternities and sororities….

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Meet the Elf Whisperer of Iceland. Yes, She’s for Real. No, She’s Not Crazy

Iceland is a land where magic happens. Magical people live there — and…

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Floating Alive on the Dead Sea

Here’s a fun fact: My favorite word is “free.” As in, I like…

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Wadi Rum: Walking Through Lawrence of Arabia’s Jordan

“No man can live his life and emerge unchanged. He will carry, however…

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That One Time I Got Made Up To Look Like Baby Jane’s Batshit Crazy Older Sister

Ever been on the road and realized you forgot your make up bag…

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