live on antarctica

Sex, Booze and Penguins: Life on Antarctica

Sex, Booze and Darkness: What Life on Antarctica is Really Like. Antarctica is on the…

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The Eerily Beautiful Ghost Towns and Fjords of Greenland

When I went to Greenland in April, there was nothing I was looking…

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10,000-Year-Old Customs and Dances Alive and Well in Greenland

The Craziest Dance/Customs in the World are 10K Years Old and Still Being Practised

One of the most important things in a culture is its folklore β€”…

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An Homage to the Shining: It Got Weird during Snowmaggeddon 2015 in Greenland

As anyone living on the East Coast can tell you: This past winter…

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It’s Hot – So Let’s Dress For the Arctic in 13 “Easy” Steps!

Yes, I know it’s hot out β€” summer usually is β€” but not…

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