The Biblical City of Nimrud, Iraq, Destroyed by ISIS

Earlier this Week, ISIS destroyed at 1400…

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destruction of Mar Behnam

Inside Iraq’s Oldest Monastery, Destroyed by ISIS

Yesterday, ISIS destroyed St. Elijah’s, a 1400-year-old Christian monastery just outside of Mosul, Iraq…

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Deep Thoughts: “Jumping For Virility” Starring The Germans And The Samburu Warriors (With Video)

Germany’s Natalie Geisenberger (5thL), Felix Loch (6thL),Tobias Arlt (6th R)…

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How To (Accidentally) Look Like A Hooker In Iraq

Fun fact: there are three major problems with…

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Lost In Translation: The Best of The Worst Signs In The World

Everywhere you go in the world there are signs – some of which make…

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The Spire Of Samarra

Things To Do In Iraq If You’re Mildly Acrophobic

Do you have a fear of heights? Are you mildly acrophobic? Do you happen…

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ancient aliens baghdad

Proof Of Ancient Aliens In Iraq?

During my trip to Baghdad I found some 12,000 year-old artwork that I’m convinced,…

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