The Biblical City of Nimrud, Iraq, Destroyed by ISIS

Earlier this Week, ISIS destroyed at 1400…

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destruction of Mar Behnam

Inside Iraq’s Oldest Monastery, Destroyed by ISIS

Yesterday, ISIS destroyed St. Elijah’s, a 1400-year-old Christian monastery just outside of Mosul, Iraq…

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Freedom, Rights, Rape and ISIS: Graffiti Art Expresses Frustration in the Middle East

On the road from the airport in Amman to the city’s center —…

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oaxaca embroidery art

Art Basel, Shmart Basel – The Real New Art Capital is in Oaxaca, Mexico

While we gear up for Art Basel in Miami – where everyone will OOOH and…

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The Biker Girl Gangs Of Marrakech Via NYC

When I saw the words: “Biker” “girl” “culture” “Morocco” in a headline I immediately…

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Brazil: Home Of The Tackiest Souvenirs Ever

The tackiest (read: best) souvenirs in the world are in Brazil. No joke.  [caption id=”attachment_436″…

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ancient aliens baghdad

Proof Of Ancient Aliens In Iraq?

During my trip to Baghdad I found some 12,000 year-old artwork that I’m convinced,…

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