tinder travels

Tinder Travels: 10 Cities to Visit Just for the Eye Candy

Tinder Travels: 10 cities that are worth the travel just to ogle the Eye…

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live on antarctica

Sex, Booze and Penguins: Life on Antarctica

Sex, Booze and Darkness: What Life on Antarctica is Really Like. Antarctica is on the…

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Use It Or Lose It: Awesome Last Minute Vacations

It’s that time of the year – where you have to use your vacation…

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Former Miami Correctional Institute Residents Make the Best Guides In Colombia

Former Miami Correctional Institute inmate number 26623-069 was convicted in 2000 for narco-trafficking when…

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My 2014 Bucket List

  No, I haven’t been everywhere… and some places I don’t go to because I’m…

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Own Private Olympics

Lost In Translation: The Best of The Worst Signs In The World

Everywhere you go in the world there are signs – some of which make…

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Brazil: Home Of The Tackiest Souvenirs Ever

The tackiest (read: best) souvenirs in the world are in Brazil. No joke.  [caption id=”attachment_436″…

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