Icelanders are the Honey Badgers of Europe

As I’ve already noted, Iceland is a conundrum – especially as Icelanders are the honeybaders of Europe. .

It’s probably the only country on earth where people think it’s totally cool to leave their babies in their strollers outside of a cafe while they eat and drink inside, child-free.

It is called ICEland, but it is way more green than icy.

Every two feet is a different landscape … Iceland physically doesn’t make sense.

And, as I’ve reported before, people believe in elves. And trolls. And “hidden people.”

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Icelanders: We’re Weird, We're Wacky and We’re Related to Thor

This Viking sees elves. And we love him for it. (Photo: Ricky Montalvo) 

As locals will tell you, there’s a lot more awesome weirdness that goes on.

And as we at Yahoo Travel always say: Know (the local customs) before you go. You will have a better time and make more friends — which, in a country like Iceland, is easy to do. Trust.

Watch this video, learn the country’s customs and revel in their oddness. They’re fascinating!

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