5 Beauty Must Haves on the Road

The Five Beauty Must Haves on the Road to keep you looking as fresh as you did when you get off the plane as when you got on.

We all want to look good when we travel – even in Mongolia. But just because there’s no mirror, soap or convenience store for miles doesn’t mean you have to look like how you may feel. In the words of the 80’s  icon, Fernando, “It’s better to look good than to feel good, Daaaaahling!” Actually, let me mangle that into “You may feel like you were pulled through a briar backwards but you can still look hot – or at least resemble something human.”

without the five beauty items.
Before: That one time I hung out with a mime in Colombia without make up.
beauty tips look good.
After: By Australia I finally learned how to look decent on the road.

Just pack these five things and no matter where you are in the world,  you can still look reasonably good:

  1. Concealer – lets get rid of those bags and zits, shall we? (See pic to the left).
  2. Foundation with SPF – Because the sun is our enemy. Trust.
  3. Powder – for all of us shiny girls, this is our best friend.
  4. Waterproof mascara – it won’t smudge and it won’t come off should you happen to get caught in a downpour on the side of a mountain in Colombia while trying to find La Ciudad Perdida.
  5. A little lip gloss.

So  go – get out there… and look good doing it. Because why not? Pablo over there is kinda cute…

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5 Beauty must haves

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