Proof Of Ancient Aliens In Iraq?

During my trip to Baghdad I found some 12,000 year-old artwork that I’m convinced, pretty much shows not only what aliens look like but is proof they exist. Heh. 

It's 5,000 years old. And proof of ETs.
It’s 6,000 years old. And proof of ETs.

I found this guy, let’s call him Xorx, on some pottery in the National Museum of Iraq. Due to some looting and the place being a general mess, the jar was marked “4000 – 6,000 BC” and they left it at that. Now, I know that artwork back then wasn’t exactly realistic but, seriously, WTF? They drew what they knew – and this does not look human. I don’t care what your Uncle Bubba says.

But, it makes sense – think about it: Iraq is the birthplace of the Old Testament – The Garden Of Eden (Basra), The Ziggurat of Ur (Hello, alien architecture!), Babylon, etc. etc. – and how the heck did humans all of a sudden learn how to build all these things? Aliens, that’s how!

Let’s look a closely at Xorx. Large bulging eyes: Check. Weird wiggly arms: Check. No Hair: Check. More than five fingers (or is that less?): Check. No lips: Check; Weird elongated body: Check. Therefore, Xorx is an alien.

Okay, fine. I’m not nuts. Nor am I a faithful watcher of the (new) History Channel. I’m just saying there’s some weird, unexplained art in the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad.

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After the jump, more extraterrestrial art – If this shizz ain’t proof of aliens, I don’t know what is:

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Now, for some non alien art, because really – when are you gonna get to Baghdad? And while this museum was looted, It was one of the most interesting I’ve ever been into.


The museum - surroundd by sandbags.
The museum – surrounded by sandbags/blast walls.
a fine categorization
a fine categorization
A tiny but alien, no?
Very Egyptian, no?


Just like in the Met!
Just like in the Met!
Like the Lion of Babylon
Based on the Lion of Babylon
Just some shells behind glass. No sign.
Just some shells behind glass. No sign. Presumably they are very old.
oh, hello.
oh, hello.
This guy was my favorite...
This guy was my favorite…
This looks like me if I don't have access to a hairdryer.
This looks like me if I don’t have access to a hairdryer.


Don't judge - it was 102 degrees out an I had to cover up.
Don’t judge – it was 102 degrees out and I had to cover up.
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  1. Hi Paula, I’m skeptical of ancient aliens for a couple of reasons. First it seem something would have been inadvertently left behind. (anything at all) But nothing I’ve heard of has been found. Second, nothing I’ve ever heard of, or seen couldn’t have other explanations. But I will admit that the question is probably the one I would like most to have fully explained. Just because I don’t believe in them doesn’t mean I would reject any hard evidence.

    I agree with you though, if looking like an alien was proof those guys on the “jars” would be them. Thanks for the pictures. Very interesting.

    1. James – thank you… I just laughed when I saw the jars and was like, “Yep. Aliens. No other excuse!” subscribe to the website (right hand column) – theres gonna be a LOT of other, weird, odd, funny stuff coming up I think you’ll like…

  2. Very interesting photos. My sense is that there is more and more evidence emerging that there have been, shall we say, “visitors” here all along. For those who say nothing has been inadvertently left behind, it seems to me that plenty has been left behind, but also has been snatched up and hidden away from the public eye. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Well at least you show that most of the artifacts DID look like humans. The aliens were exceptions. Either alien or really bad artists, or an early modernist movement that expressed what they meant and represented more than what they looked like. I do believe as a species we were capable of such abstract thinking and don’t give ancient civilizations enough credit. Our view of ancient art and literature (Bible, for example) only proves that our addictions to technology have caused some degree of “devolution.”

  4. OK. So there’s all this reptile.serpent.scally critters.elongated heads tradition. Then, there’s the giants, the nephilim, Annuki, Gog and Magog, pre-Adena, what-the hell did Magellan encounter in patagonia – stuff. Somebody want to reconcile these scenarios? Sounds like the Justice League of America circa neanderthal. There’s Gloosap man! Did he ever run into Prester John? Why not? Why don’t these parties bump into each other? Periodically.

    How about those six-fingered folks in Spain. Alien DNA/Giant (the thing about these guys was that they were fond of eating humans. So the otherwise weakling humans organized to defend themselves and they could propagate at a rate to overwhelm the reproductive impaired Big Dudes. whatever they were).

    Cain kills Abel is an expression of Giant corrupt genes in humans buried in humans through interbreeding. Cain contains Giant blood and so is moved to murder and slaughter as is regular stuff for Giants. It seems increasingly accepted in academic circles that modern humans do indeed contain genes or some inheritance from neandertals. Maybe other critters too.

    1. I agree with the “interbreeding, corrupt gene” theories but never connected it to Cain and Abel. I think the Nephelim were having their way with our women not long before the great flood wrecking the gene pool at that point. Noah was supposed to be the only one left who was pure and righteous. But the “giants” never went away as one reappeared to face David. It appears someone stowed away on the Ark.

        1. White Rose, read the Old Testament. We’re having fun here, but its all there, not fantasy. You don’t have to get nasty.

  5. Cain was’nt guilty!!!
    Abel was guilty. The tradition is not totally in Bible, but “Torah” (“Light Instruction or Teaching” is minimum double way expression ( “70 senses to a phrase” says the wises men”.Abel was imprudent in giving an offering to an “unknown god” or “entity” ( or Emanation…) Because of the “mistake” Cain was “obliged” to “destroy” him. After that event he was exiled at the Nud ( that means the Moon!!!) (Na’h Va Nad tihyeh….)

  6. In every ancient text be it the elder essays to the bible, there are creatures from the sky (and sometimes holes in the ground) like the Anasazi. I’m a believer.

  7. I’ve read they might have been the Nephilim, or the mysterious amphibious beings who crawled out of the Euphrates and brought maths and civilisation to the Sumerians, known as Onnes, ‘those too ugly to look upon’. Also known as the Unapishtim, or the Babylonians’ apkallu, of whom there were seven.

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  9. We are definitely not alone , if the general populous of the world think there are no such thing as aliens “PLEASE PLEASE” climb out of the box. But great work we all can only wonder what Zecharia Sitchin really new.

  10. Ok. The bible was written and edited by MEN. Men who wanted to control the masses. So fast people say the bible is the final word on one subject, but totally ignore other scripture all together.

  11. If the aliens wanted to be known they would be known and no power on earth can prevent disclosure.

    The aliens operate covertly to hide their brutal activities such as Cattle Mutilations & sexually molesting people even little children. Spiritual people – please stop helping them with practices that open inner doors they travel through… picking up vast amounts of baggage in your souls with ET Contact. Wake Up.

  12. As an Anthropologist and Archaeologist I’ve seen many depictions of creatures or people that have been construed as aliens. My answer always is the same when presented with such “evidence”. It is art. Pure and simple. Without context for each piece any interpretation or claim of aliens is bunk (at best).Edvard Munch’s iconic The Scream fits all the criteria you give for an alien as well!Large bulging eyes: Check. Weird wiggly arms: Check. No Hair: Check. More than five fingers (or is that less?): Check. No lips: Check; Weird elongated body: Check. Therefore, The Scream is an alien. As much as I love a good conspiracy theory and aliens however let us all just enjoy art for the sake of art.

  13. I can see from most of the comments, how poorly educated the American people are about history. And how religiously deluded they are. Stichin was a fraud. Ancient aliens is just stupid. And the bible is a Roman revised work of fiction – taken from Greek mythology.

    Nut jobs. And don’t tell me to be nice. Our evolution of our species depends on my cruelty toward those who are unqualified to think rationally.

    A country full of tv watching, bible searching, internet “researching” goofballs.

  14. I just read about Ancient Aliens and the Baghdad Museum this morning. See chapter 17, pages 203 to 207 of “The Pyramids and the Pentagon…” by Nick Redfern. Is it a coincidence that I read about this subject this morning on the subway and I am seeing your post this evening? I think not. The author talks about how the Museum was looted during the Iraq war, possibly to hide the truth about our world history and to cover up secrets and technology sought amongst the artifacts of the museum.

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  16. So the woman with golden crown statue was never recovered?? we used to go of school field trips there..breaks my heart to think that no one protected worlds most ancient history…

  17. When I see these pictures, I feel time plays a major role in universe. Years for humans can be seconds for aliens. We have example in our planet itself where in there are animals living for a span of days and few years.

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  20. I love the captions!

    You can see in the other works that they truly knew how to draw/carve humans so those other things are? (Rhetorical)

  21. People aliens do exists. Face it we are not alone.
    There are lot of documentaries about their visits and controls over our planet. Everything you’ve been told is a lie.
    Check this video to see what I am talking about:

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