2016 State Fair Food: Worse than 2015?

I tried The Craziest, Nastiest State Fair Food of 2016 so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Every year the vendors at State Fairs and other major events like the Calgary Stampede try to outdo each other with weird, gag inducing food. This year was no different.

Carnival food is stuff that dreams and gags are made of. Many of the food trucks on the carnie circuit come to the Calgary State Fair where they try and outdo each other to see just what they can get people to eat. Last year there was cockroach and scorpion pizza and this year, well… I tried them so you don’t have. You’re welcome.

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So, grab your Pepto Bismol, and let’s go. Here are the top eight crazy Carnie Foods for 2016.

Prairie Oysters fixed three ways

Also known as Bull Balls, these were a little musky for my taste. They did not get easier with every bite.

Mac and Cheese stuffed Hamburgers

state fair food

It seemed like a good idea but in practice…. Not so much. The mac and cheese was the frozen kind that should have been left in the packet and the burger was. Well, let’s just say I wasn’t convinced it was real beef.

Big Pickle Dog

state fair food

This is basically a Hot dog shoved inside a pickle shoved inside cornbread. Judging by the lines to get one, others seemed to love it but. I hate pickles.

Frosted Flakes Chicken on a stick

state fair food

Sweet and salty is usually a treat, but, this just reminded me of a hospital gown. As in, it tasted like one. Don’t ask how I know that.

PB Dumbbells

state fair food

Peanut Butter dumbbells – deep fried with chocolate and bacon… I couldn’t talk for like five minutes. It felt like my mouth was glued shut.

The Golden Grasshopper Pie Pop

state fair food

This was basically just a popsicle with some gold leaf and grasshoppers. Not bad. And it looked pretty.

The multi colored fruity grilled cheese

state fair food

Let’s just say: fruity cheese, not as good as you’d think. But awfully pretty.

And the winner is…

Sticky Toffee Bug Balls!

state fair food

Like doughnut holes dipped in caramel, smothered in grasshoppers and mealy worms and topped with whipped cream. It may look like a glue board left under your grandmother’s refrigerator, but it’s DELICIOUS!